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My convert wife is a chronic liar

My fear is that if I divorce her she may go back to Christianity with my two kids.

My husband is unfaithful and lazy – I’m considering Divorce

I don’t want to make wrong decision in the sight of Allah, and I am so afraid of future. What if I never get married, what if I get married and my future husband is a cheater again, what if my son life gets ruined?

My husband is not the good Muslim I thought he was

I recently did nikah about four months ago to a man I thought was the man of my dreams. He prayed, is good with his family and to everyone else. To sum it, he was what I wanted in a muslim.

Severely depressed over broken promise of marriage

Asalaam alaikum. Me, Sarasaif converted from Hindu to Muslim and got married to a Muslim guy who loved me a lot.
It happened 8 years back. I was a widow and it was indeed of security and finance to lead life with a girl child. The marriage was not held in any mosque and without any witness. And our relationship continued.