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I lied about a dream.

The dream I made up was a good one, for them to believe good tidings will come their way. I feel like a hypocrite.

Wife lied to my family to get Nikahfied

I am looking to get some advice on whether I should continue this relationship namely to proceed with a rukhsati or divorce her.

Deception has shaken our marriage – what should I do?

Recently he told me that he has a daughter looking for him. His whole family knew and kept it secret from me for years. I feel absolutely betrayed and heart broken.

Before marriage, my husband said he wouldn’t take another wife, but now he ‘s changed his mind.

I am a muslim sister that is having a problem with my marriage. Before I married my husband we talked about him marrying another wife and he told me that he would not do that. Because of this agreement, I trusted him otherwise I wouldn’t have married him and I agreed to marry him. Now two years later he has changed his mind and said he wants a second wife. He says he’s not going to divorce me because he wants me too. I don’t want Allah s.w.t to punish me for asking for a divorce. But I feel like I have been cheated and lied to.