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Ex daughter-law living with ex-father in-law…

Is it haram that the ex-wife continues to live in the ex-father-in-law’s house?

I deserve better, so I wish to live in a separate flat

im stayin wid my husband, his parents, bro in law and sis in laws husband…sis in law is in home country and she wil come soon and bro in laws wife, he’s gona or might get divorced. my prb is stayin together, i feel so uncomfortable, i hav no privacy. i feel so difficult at heart.cud u temme a way to get out of tis difficlty.

How can I deal with my rising anger levels?

I got married in February but I am recently having a lot of anger issues in my marriage. I am under so much stress and I am becoming scared of my feelings…living with my husband is a lot harder than I thought and I sometimes feel like I do everything with no help.

He has given me four times divorce while pregnant, am I divorced?

My question is regarding divorce. I was given divorce consecutively two days while I was 3 months pregnant. One divorce one day and second the next day. My husband then took me back…

No Imam will marry us but we are living together anyway

I met with one girl, we both are Muslim and decided to get married. I tried and spoke to many Imams of masjids, but no one is ready to do the Islamic nikah for us, because I am not from this country and she is local (UK). Now without Nikah we are living together, we know it’s a sin, but who is responsible for it?