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Depressed because of over-possessive parents

Please guide me that is it allowed in islam that a son wants himself to get independent by living alone in hostel or is it necessary for every son to live with his parents no matter what happens?

Having problems with living as a joint family

My wife consistently tells me that it is not her responsibility to take care of my parents. I agree, but I have a responsibility to my parents. My mother is a very sick woman and she has never committed a wrongdoing on my wife.

My husband is having difficulty finding job; is it due to black magic?

He gets gud offers bt nthing wrks out.On consultation wi d sum scholars ,dey said that my hsbnd has bandiSH on at present i joined my old job n he z luking job n he z n Delhi.I stay wid my parents,lyf is too stressed.As my parents giv dffrnt vibes.