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I have no one – who will help me financially?

I am desperate so i cry and ask another but again they ignore me. Is there a rich Muslim i can ask for help? Is there someone willing to cover my living expenses temporarily and help me sort out my life?

What is my right of money after divorce from my husband the thief!

Found out was divorce 4 months later after it was filed one year a go by my ex-husband. Many times his story changes why he divorced me. After he taken 24 thousand USD from me..

My husband put me into debt, had a child with me and then left

I am Macedonian Christian married to a Lebanese Shia Muslim. We both used to work in Middle East which is where we met and got married. My husband resigned from his job on the day we signed the marriage contract. He could not leave the country as the company where he worked held him responsible for a missing $22,000. He said that he can not ask his parents or sister or brothers for help as they will be angry at him.