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He promised love but his nani made him promise to marry another

What to do now, is the promise of dying person has more worth than the promise of live persons?

Missing my husband

Our entire marriage is based on whatsapp.

Elope and marrying for internationals

There is no way her family will ever accept us. Even if I convince my parents somehow, there is no way she can do the same because she belongs to an orthodox family where honor killing is still a part of their culture.

Calling fiancé via web cam

My fiancé and I live in different parts of the world. Our situation makes it hard to meet.

My parent will not allow me to marry, is it haram?

My parents deny me of him no matter what. I’m aiming towards marry him with my brother giving me away. Is this acceptable?

Can’t get married…

My plan was to get a job, then prepare an apartment, then propose to her family which is in a middle eastern country. But then everything changed.

Is texting ok?

We are just friends until our marriage. We do not talk about love or something so is it allowed to talk to her like that?

How to get back my beloved in my life?

Please help me to get back him in my life and to control his mother’s mind to like me…

He is a good person but my parents can not understand

I know I would not be be to marry anyone else but I know I can’t live with my parents being upset with me.

Intimacy in a long-distance marriage?

Please note that I am aware that masturbation is haraam, but this is my wife whom I am looking at. What should I do?