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How to have long distance intimacy?

My wife is living in another country. It would take 1 year for her to come live with me. Whenever I speak to her on phone or skype I get sexual urges…


Can I get khula?

We had no love in our relationship. I’ve asked for talaq but he doesn’t want to give it.

My husband cheats on me repeatedly

Will he ever change? Or I have to just go on dragging my life forgiving him with a stone on my heart… I don’t know what to do…

No rukhsati in sight, now my friend is on my mind

I had a friend. He was very honest and he loved me a lot before my nikah, and he still does. I don’t have any contact with him, but because of my husband I sarted missing him and I don’t know what to do now.

Six months with no contact from husband abroad

My mother decided the situation was getting worse and these people were liars because their son was unable to call me to the UK, and now they only want to control me. She thought that after quiting my job I will be totally helpless, on the mercy of my mother in law. So my mother decided not to send me to my in laws. My husband stopped calling me. Meanwhile, my scholarship for Germany got finalized.

Did he marry me so I can serve his mother? Why am I being treated this way?

Does he not wish me to come to his country? Did his mother marry him so I can serve her? I don’t want to spend a life like this.

Talaaq given twice before rukhsati – is iddah necessary?

Before rukhsati my husband has given me two times talaaq over the telephone in anger. Is iddah necessary on me? And if he wants me back what should he do?

Can I divorce my husband due to his absence and neglect?

I married my huband five years back, the first two yrs of my marriage were marital bliss then just after my first son was born, my husband was offered a job in UAE and he left. It has been more than 2.5 years now he has not called me there.

I have been married for 3.5 years but we’ve lived together for only 3 weeks. Please tell me what to do with my marriage and my life.

I met my husband over the internet. He came to Indonesia for the nikah, then after three weeks went back to Karachi, Pakistan. Since then it has been 3.5 years, and I have not seen him again. We talk over the phone, and he always makes excuses about why he has not brought me to join him in Pakistan.