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Can we do a nikah on Skype then another one in person?

Can we do a nikah on Skype for legal reasons, then another one in person?

My husband wants to take me without my family’s permission

Nikah was performed on phone by agreement of both families, but we haven’t met ever. His family are insisting on rukhsati but my family doesn’t allow. My husband doesn’t want to wait anymore…

Is it possible to get married through email when in different countries?

I have been talking to a guy in the interest of marriage for about two months now. We’ve come to the decision that we would like to marry. However there is one big obstacle that prevents us from moving forward: First, he is a citizen of Pakistan, but lives in the UK on a time-limited student visa. I’m a US citizen. He doesn’t want to go through the hassle of procuring a US visa, so that leaves us with two options: we marry in Pakistan or in the UK.