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Is it a sin to talk to husband and masturbate in situation like mine?

so is it a sin ?? .talking to husband and masturbating.. in my situation. i know im not thinking about other guy. im only thinking about my husband,. and if so. why is it a sin ?!! imagining making love with my husband, can that be a evil thinking ??

Need help/advice in order to convince my parents for my marriage

Even the thought of spending my life with someone else disgusts me. But my parents don’t agree and I know his parents wont agree too.. How can we convince them? I am so sad.. Please don’t tell me to move on, I have planned my life around him, be it family life or an intimate life,

He is becoming distant but says that he will fulfill his promise of marriage; what should I do?

But he still says that he keeps his word to marry her and he just asks her to understand his recent situation which is not explained clearly. The communication is rarely done due to his busy time as an excuse and both of them live between miles away.

Unstable Long Distance Marriage

My husband and I have had a long distance marriage for a year, and it’s very difficult. When we do talk it’s mostly just fighting.