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Long distance relationship with a cousin.

We talk a lot and it could be haram? However we don’t want to stop talking.

Is texting ok?

We are just friends until our marriage. We do not talk about love or something so is it allowed to talk to her like that?

Muslim Marrying a Christian American Protestant woman – How to put the basis for a healthy relationship?

I do not want dive into a relationship and marriage without having all the parameters and find out years later that our lifestyles are not compatible.

How to have long distance intimacy?

My wife is living in another country. It would take 1 year for her to come live with me. Whenever I speak to her on phone or skype I get sexual urges…

Physical, emotional and financial abuse… Is this what an Islamic marriage is meant to be like???

I wanted to learn more about Islam by his example… I was held prisoner in his parent’s home. He punched and kicked me everywhere, saying he would make sure I never conceive a baby. It took weeks for my bruises to heal and I have permanent scarring on my eye.

I never knew he was lazy, should I seek divorce?

After we got married I found out that he is a very lazy person, I used to have to force him to get out of bed and I can not see myself married to someone who is lazy for the rest of my life.