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Why is getting married unnecessarily difficult? Does Allah send you a spouse or do you go and find one yourself?

Because I am no longer living, I am just existing.

Getting older but don’t find many men physically attractive

I could not let a man approach me for sex if I did not find him physically attractive.

I need suggestion and help…

After 7 months of engagement, he comes back and says that he just wants to be friends with me…

A woman is a woman, be it any age…

A woman is a woman, be it any age. And Islam has given right to her, in all aspects. Kindly advise…

Considering a divorced man with a kid

I’m praying istikhara and I am not feeling good about it… My friend is telling me if I take all this negative feel thing into account, I may not be able to achieve religious benefits.

Positive Istikhara for two potential spouses

Both Istikhara I did for the two potential girls came out positive, but my heart is directing me to the first one. Can I please receive some advice from brothers or sisters here in what you will do in my case?

What do I do to make him want to marry me?

I met one person as a friend, and now I feel he is the best person for me. But he only likes me as a friend.

Confused about choosing a spouse

I am asking for your advice on whether I should approach my cousin or continue searching for a better match?

Ready for marriage but still single

I’v always wanted to be married by 24, however I just can’t find the right person. Do you have any suggestions? Any wazifas for marriage?

Rejected – was it because of my looks or too into the deen?

He came to see me and the next day texted saying he doesn’t want to continue. Do you think it was about my looks?