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Doubts about Islam and loss of faith

I am a muslim teen and lately have been kind of doubting islam and feel like I’m losing faith.

I think I am Losing my Faith

I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression. Sometimes I hate myself and I hate life.

I trusted Allah completely and he broke my trust

I’m getting married and I don’t have any feelings for my husband-to-be.

Lost my deen and iman – no right to call myself a muslim anymore

I am too lost and too far into haram. Again, I don’t even feel guilty, regretful or even feel the need to repent. I’m not even sure I want to try and come back to being a good or even decent Muslim.

I just want to be successful in this life and not bother with religion – CLOSED

If other people are getting happiness in this life and they don’t pray or anything, why bother praying? I don’t want to suffer anymore. Also, men don’t like religious women.

Strong feelings of commiting suicide

I’m sick of this life and crying and feeling lonely. I’m so hurt and in pain. Will Allah forgive me if I kill myself and end this pain????

I sometimes lose faith in my religion

I am 15 years old… I question everything including religion. I’m scared I might die only to find out there is no afterlife.

Abusive father is ruining our lives

Can I kill him? Is it wrong to pray to Allah to take him away from us, to give him death? Can I expose him?

death better than this life

Sometimes the hope and faith dies and I want to die along with it.

The boy’s parents do not agree to our marriage

For the past two years he has started responding back to me with the same love, and he wants to get married to me. He sent his parents to my house, and they came saw me and my family. We both have the same family status. My parents met the boy, and also liked him and his family as well. Now we started waiting for an answer from their side. The boy kept insisting to his parents that he wants to get married here. After 3 months, his mother said that even though she has no issues with me or my family, she wants some girl from her side.