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Still tired and confused, and I hate myself

I just don’t want to drag my mother or anyone else in to my problems or mistakes. I am callous, selfish, ruthless, abrupt, hypocrite, horrible, nasty, non believer person anyone will ever meet.

How can I help my brother who has lost his way?

Asalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

I am 22 years old. Nothing is good in my life. I had a difficult childhood. I grew up watching my mother crying. Her in laws (i.e. my family) used to torture her mentally, sometimes even physically.

How can I regain my faith in Allah?

I have stopped praying and reading the Quran. My family often tell me to pray, but all I think is, “Where is Allah? Why won’t Allah help me? Why does Allah help other people who do so much worse, but never me?” But I want to love Allah and Islam again. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to begin. I want to be happy. I want to know that Allah will always be there for me.

My husband is losing his faith

Assalamu allaikum, I need a reply based on Islam. I muslim married to Christian guy after his conversion to Islam by nikah. He was following Islam as far as he can by Sallat, Fasting etc. He told me and my Guardian that he wants to conceal it till the end of his parents (may Allah […]

Am I a wife or prostitute?

I had an arranged marriage to a man from an Arab country. I was fully aware of my husbands first wife, five children and a 30 yr age difference between us. I agreed to marry him in spite of both of these challenges. nd I completely underestimated the trials polygamy could bring to your life when not practiced properly.