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Feeling lost and hopeless

My heart is now dark, I never repent because I know I don’t have that sincerity… I’m 14 and I wish I had never been born.

He loves me but does not want to have any sexual relationship with me

He says he loves me and he cares about me… But he never wants to have sex with me… I tried everything…

Problems getting second marriage after khuula

I don’t want to lose hope but circumstances are forcing me to think like that.

Suffering from Depression and Anxiety

My anxiety and depression get worse and worse with each passing day. I feel like I am dead inside.

I am losing faith in dua.

I have always been a faithful muslim. I would never be disobedient to my Allah and never, ever I have talked to any boy. I have always prayed for a good husband throughout my life, but my dua has gone unanswered. I have read your article about the power of dua, but I am losing faith in dua because I have tried every wazifa and made dua every moment of life- even in the hajj, on the day of arafat.

I feel I am a useless soul…

Why do I keep being tested like this? How do I change when I have so much to change and I don’t even know where to begin?

I want Allah to know that I want him to let me die now please.

I want to end it now Allah Please just give my blessings to someone who deserves it more than me like someone in poverty and help them or cure someones illness i want to die in their place i would happily accept it.