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I am nothing without her

I hallucinate…when I close my eyes, I talk with her, and then after a certain period, she vanishes.

Evil inside family and related

After two days spending at their house my cousin curse me that I could go to jail…

My Muslim boyfriend is no more… I want to embrace Islam

My boyfriend was Muslim. Recently he embraced martyred. I want to embrace Islam but if I convert my family will reject me forever.

I can’t bear the knowledge that my husband will have hoor al ayn

Seriously I can’t even make dua for paradise for my husband or daughter. I even prefer that I did not exist at all.

I feel like this should be the end.

Can I wish and hope to die peacefully? Can I pray for that? I want this to end. Life to end.

I married the wrong woman

I let myself get carried away by external beauty, and got confused with the idea of marrying a muslimah and make my parents happy, and in the process gave away the pious woman Allah had sent for me.

Should I end this sad life? Sexually abused by brothers, terrible narcissistic parents and now guilt is killing me. Please help me

I will tell you my story in short. Its going to gross you out because it is so bad. I am sorry but I really need to get this out. If i dont i will surely die.

I feel guilty following my mother’s death

In my opinion I am very bad son, I did not take good care of my mother, but now she is gone… Sometimes I feel that my soul is not there, that is was gone at that day when my mother died.

I have broken promises to Allah many times

I promised again not to sin but I broke my promise again. This happened almost three times. Now, I think I lost my “Iman.” I rush towards Allah for forgiveness but there is no reply from Allah. I think there is no reason for my living. In namaz, I have no feelings of standing before Almighty Allah. When I recite Quran, there is no feelings of having Iman.

I am confused and depressed, will my baby go to Jannah?

Then we have along relationship to get to know each other then again he proposed to me that time finished my coursed in Al Dawah Center so i decided to marry him.But i dont know if my marriage is halal …