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A woman is a woman, be it any age…

A woman is a woman, be it any age. And Islam has given right to her, in all aspects. Kindly advise…

His social media affairs

I am in disbelief that this is still happening even during this pregnancy… He said he’ll change……. He’s still chatting with the same shameless girl.

Extreme depression and feeling of suicide

I am suffering from depression and it’s getting worse. My dreams disturb me… I have lost interest in my studies and feel upset always.

I’m heartbroken, and I think he owes me an explanation

Marriage was always a dream for me. I always wanted to be with someone, have my home and kids to raise them well. He destroyed my dream, my confidence, and ability to trust a guy in my life. It sucks because I’m the girl. I cannot propose to someone and easily get engaged again. I’m heart broken.