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Told The Truth and It Backfired

I need advice as to whether to go ahead with a hymen reconstruction surgery or should I wait until I am sure I will marry? Should I leave myself as I am?


I had zina with someone I love… after 2 months we had a serious fight and he is now refusing to get married… I am depressed and devastated I don’t know what to do next?

Marriage and divorce

I am really confused, I am not happy in my marriage and it’s affecting me mentally… I have started to feel like that “I don’t love him anymore.”

Heartbroken after losing her

I really miss her… it’s been 4 months since I cut all the contacts with her. I just can’t even think any other girl in my life.

Past struggles of a love, complicated marriage and visions

I would like someone to help me and regarding a dream I keep remembering. Before I explain my dream, I would like to give some background information.

Need help coping with a loss and turning back to Allah swt

He passed away with a very close relative of mine in a very bad way in the hands of someone else. May Allah swt grant them both Jennatul Fardowse (Allahuma’Ameen).

I want my husband back, please help me?

On the month of july, I got sick and bed ridden for a month. At that time his parents forced him get marriage.

As the days go by, the harder and more painful it gets…

I feel that I’m beginning to lose his Mum too… I would very much wish to be back together with him but seems like it’s not going to happen. I’m very sad. I want my heart to heal.

He says he loves me, but he’s marrying someone else

I sat there with a broken heart as I knew what he was saying made sense. But I still had that question, how can you marry someone when you love someone else?

I married the wrong woman

I let myself get carried away by external beauty, and got confused with the idea of marrying a muslimah and make my parents happy, and in the process gave away the pious woman Allah had sent for me.