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How to deal with father who abandoned me

My father has come back and is making problem with my mother and sisters. Since he avoided us I almost lost respect to him.

How Do I Deal With This Situation Between Mother and Son?

I have no respect for my mother, but when I see her, I act like a hypocrite and pretend my life is fine, when its not.

Divorce is the Only Option

I cannot be with her. How can a man be with a woman he does not respect? I want out.

Losing the Love and Respect for parents.

I know parents have great place in Islam and I don’t want to disrespect them. …. but I simply unable to change my feelings for them.

Verbal/emotional abuse a few months into nikah

There are times that I am scared of physical abuse… I feel that the respect in our relationship is gone.

Lost all respect and love for husband after I caught him cheating

I discovered that my husband was flirting with girls on Facebook from the day we were married. Emailing, phoning, talking dirty… I have lost respect for him and have no love for him.