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My sins are making me depressed

I really need to write and let my problems out and I hope you guys don’t judge me. Please don’t judge me.

Should I marry a man who my parents say or should I marry the man of my love?

I can’t forget him but I have a strong feeling that my dad won’t allow me to get married to him. He got converted for me, I can’t leave him.

In love with the man who took away my virginity, but parents won’t accept him

I don’t want to lose my family, but it’s haram for them to refuse/reject him just because he’s from another culture.

I’ve lost my virginity to my step brother

Editor’s note: The poster is a school student asking for help. Please be supportive in your replies.

Rape, stigma, lost virginity, and depression

He raped me. I came back home with a lot of pain. I knew I had done the biggest sin for I might be killed.

My husband can’t accept the past… My life is falling apart…

He said terrible things. That maybe I could have some disease from that guy because I slept with him, that he is scared how will I raise our daughter… He has serious problems and I am scared what to do.

I committed Zina and feel incredibly ashamed and guilty

I want to come back to my religion and regain my imaan. Will God ever forgive me for what I have done?

I lost my virginity before reverting…

What do I need to do, and what if I’m getting married? I’m stressed for that happens.

Ashamed of my past

Am I going to hell? Should I start praying? I do not know much but I know what I did in life wasn’t right.

Will he reject me now he knows I’m not a virgin?

This man doesn’t deserve someone that isn’t a virgin. I told him that I am not a virgin hoping if he heard my story he would understand. If he doesn’t accept me, how am I supposed to end this without my family being devastated? Will this one mistake determine my nasib every time I speak the truth when I get a proposal?