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Muslim boyfriend giving up

I can understand his concerns, but it’s like he’s not even allowing me to have a chance.


One lost unhappy soul

I am separated from the man I married… I gave two of my children to him that he takes care of and the youngest one lives with me…

I’m still in love

They say everything happens for a reason… I don’t know what is wrong with my life and what to do.

Lost some jeweleries and money!

I want to know how and where else to look for them, I am driving myself crazy and can’t understand since nobody was in the house.

I’ve lost my way

I beg for forgiveness to Him, I confess to all my bad deeds and make up my mind not to do them again… but next day, I’m just doing them again – why?

Is it not meant to be for us?

If we ask Allah to give that person back to us but we don’t get them…?

I wanna kill myself, I need advice badly

I am in so much pain. He destroyed my innocence… Many times I took knife in my hand…

Hearing voices, black magic and mind-reading

I started hearing voices in my head. Usually screams, something screaming inside my head, constantly.

I can’t restore my faith

Now I am in the lowest point of my life. I am suicidal and severely depressed. I have no one for support and am not getting better. There was another boy who was athiest that I became to attached to, but the truth is only for attention…and he has recently abandoned me too. I feel as if every time I meet someone (even girls) who brings me happiness, they are somehow ripped away from me.

Confused and lost. Will my duas be accepted?

I don’t really know how to start, and what to say. This is the first time I’ve registered to something like this. I am a 17 years old girl, who is confused..