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I need help to be strong in taking a decision

Every time I request for separation (break Up) he keep saying to me that I will never found a guy good as him. I love him but I am afraid of Allah as well. I said to him blessings from Allah would be different is we are married and his response “inshaallah”

She is interested in Islam and I wish to marry her, but…

I am jealous against this other guy as he lives in the same area as us and he is very powerful person and has even threatened her if he sees her with another man.

What is the requirement for getting married to a Christian lady

As far as I know being a Muslim boy I am allowed to marry a Christian girl however I need to double check it and I would like to know what are the basic requirements.

A Hindu boy in love with a Muslim girl

am love a muslim girl and she also love me. we don’t live with out both. so i want some advice

I haven’t got anything I asked Allah for, please help me

I really don’t know what to do… I haven’t got anything that I wanted from Allah… I’m feeling so much depressed and sometimes I feel not to move on… Even I sometimes I feel so depressed that I leave my prayers thinking that my prayers aren’t getting accepted… what should I do??