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Dua for love

Is there a dua to increase the love between spouses?

Mother is denying this marriage

I do not wish to marry without my mother’s approval, but I can not help but think that these reasons that she is denying my cousin are not legitimate.

how to convence his mother for marrage?

she hates me and she dont want us to be together, she didnt like me after knowing this that we like each other his mother used to taunt him all the time his mother is so dominent at their house that nobody can say anything specailly in this type of thing

Secretly in love with a divorced Muslim man; how to approach him?

I think he doesn’t want to be indecent towards me. He asked me once if i have found a partner and i said no. Then he said he feels ready to move on but doesn’t know much about courtship. I guess that was a hint but i do not know how to react. Please help. This is a man i have serious feelings for and that is why i feel even more nervous.

I love him so much; will Allah ever answer my prayers?

when i rejected him i was 18 i knew nothing about marriage wasn’t ready for it …i love him and I’m praying for four years now that make a way for me to marry him or i forget him but i have dreams about him most nights then my whole day is tearful i haven’t seen him for a year i feel i cant be happy with someone else i cant imagine myself with someone else.

We want to be together but his parents won’t allow it due to cultural differences

Recently, he spoke with his mother in hopes of getting her support to ask for my hand. She once again refused, stating that I do not speak their language and that she will not support us and she will cease contact with him if he chooses to marry me.

Want to marry a paralysed man but family is against my decision

i want to marry a man who is paralyzed and my family is against my decision .. but i dont want to marry any other guy.. can u please tell me .. that am i doing something wrong? or its against Islam to marry a paralyzed person ..??? i just want to know ur answer . and wanted to know it as soon as possible .

Buddhist girl in love with Muslim half-uncle; how to break this to parents and convince them?

I love my parents so much, and I love him too. If my parents ask me to choose between him or them, I won’t choose because I really love both of them. What should I do then? Is this a sin? How should I explain and tell my parents about this now? I feel like dying for keeping secret. Can we be together?

Need advice to repent from the sins I committed

i have understood our mistake i’m repenting i’m asking forgiveness from allah i’m smiling i’m trying to live happily because i believe that this staying way will be beneficial in future may be allah talah will be pleased with our repentance and make us live together in future thinking all this i’m fine but he’s not understanding all this he’s like he left everything he’s doing nothing he’s like sad with his life i don’t want him to behave that way i want him to be happy have hopes and belief in allah i told him all this when we had a chat long back but i know he didn’t understand he sent me a msg saying that don’t forget me please.

Legally married but in love with another man who I want to marry but parents are refusing

I lost interest in him and at the same time met another guy (which I know was very very wrong) but it just happened. I loved him so much an he did love me too and we are still in love (which I know is wrong) but I just can’t stop it.