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Parents won’t agree for me to marry who I want

just want my nikah done with this man whom I love so that I can live my life according to the sunah but my family are restricting my marriage for no real reason. I don’t know what to do – I have spoken to respected people from the community but they are good friends with my father and feel as though they don’t want to get involved?

I am 17 and want to get married in order to avoid sin

I’m 17 (turning 18 soon) im thinking to marry this girl. I like this girl and i would like to marry her because I’m very religious so to prevent any sins or get tempted to do anything bad with this girl. I want to get married so we can do it the halal way because dating doesn’t exist in Islam.

Should I tell her about my intention to marry her?

I do have feelings for her but i am NOT concerned about my feelings in comparison to the real purpose of my life, rather i am concerned about her feelings. Also its been more than a year now since ive known her. what should i do? if i should break up with her should i just forget about her for life?

I got secretly married to her and my mother is against love marriage

We have our affair continued for 6 years and then we got married but we have kept it little secret. Her family has not any problem, problem is with my mother and other family members

In love with a man who is now married, and want him to stay away

Nearly 5 years ago when I was still a christian I met this muslim man that I ended up having a relationship with. I later understood how wrong this was as six months into our relationship I reverted to Islam and just fell in love with it. Its the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. It gives me the answers for all the thing I have been looking for the whole of my life. But sadly I am struggling with my deen as that man is still a big part of my life. He showed me Islam and he is very important to me.

I have not divorced my wife, but I want to marry a Catholic woman

i am sunni muslim man and seprated from my wife we are not yet divorce and i have known one women for more then 5 years and she is catholic i love her and she loves me i want to merry her can i merry her if its allowed for me to merry her where can i merry her in the city hall or should i take her with me to mosque

Should I trust and marry him if he comes back in my life and wants to marry me?

Please tell me only this thing, should I trust that guy again IF he comes back in my life and want to marry me. He didn’t cheat with me but he made me cry and everyone say “Those who knows the value of your tears will never make you cry.

What is the best way to ask for the girl’s consent?

I want to ask that if somebody likes someone and feels that she is his perfect choice for marriage partner then how should he ask her? Please suggest a modest way in which both can maintain respect of each other…

I love him, but he ignores me, please help

I was in relationship with a guy a week ago…i am a muslim girl so i am not alloud to have a bf, but i did coz i was in love with that guy and i wanted to marry him and he did say to me same and promissed me that we will be together….

I was engaged to him 3 years ago; now I don’t want to marry him

I understand he is perfect and the ideal Muslim husband but what’s the point if I’m not happy. Do you think I should go on with this engagement if I haven’t been comfortable with this whole thing since day one? What do I do?