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We argue and fight, I don’t want to live with him anymore

i want a divorce but when i spoke to my mom about him treating me that way she refused to believe it and said be patient. i try to be patient but my heart is completely closed. i’m forced to act as if im happy 24/7 and its eating me inside out.

Sunni boy willing to marry a Bohra girl

i am a sunni memon muslim in love with a bohri girl from last 5 yrs. She is religious and i have no problems she following bohra culture. My parents are ok with the marriage but her parents are completely against it.

Should I inform my parents that I got married or should I wait?

During my stay to the middle east last year I met an Arab man with whom my entire life changed. I was more practising, commited and genuinely a better person than I’d ever been. His family accepted me, and we eventually got married without the permission of my parents.

We love each other but he is not ready for a commitment

So it got physical like we didnt have sex, but just the act of intercourse was the only thing that didnt happen. He was fine even after, but when I said I wanted to be in a more proper relationship he started backing out because he has had bad breakup before and doesnt like commitment.

Should I go with results of istikhara or listen to my heart

again i had a bad dream as if i m struck in mud and as if i m returning back sumthing that i hv bought in hurry and now turns out to be bad. the guy still claims to be very sincere wid me and my heart has varing thoughts… should i go for the result of itekhara or listen to whats in my heart. i have faith in ALmighty he ill do the best for me.

Need your suggestion/Opinion about my Bro’s Love.

Assalamu Alaikkum… First of all, Thank you very much for this wonderful forum.  I have joined this forum recently and I have been watching this forum on a regular basis. It is really helping me to understand my level of Deen and How hard should I live my life to say that I am a […]

Does Islam permit marriage with a transgender woman?

What is the ruling for possibly marrying/having sexual relations with a transgendered woman? I have never had any sort of luck with women in the past. Every girl I asked out on a date for coffee or something has rejected me. So this is the first girl I am with.

Can I limit my wife’s visits to her parents?

That was the last day when I spoke to my wife on phone. Its been 5 months now and I’m not in any talking terms with her or her family. Though she sent me messages that she needs money. I never replied to her.

How do I make my Hindu girlfriend accept Islam to save her from Hell

think about her, make dua for her hiddaya (guidance). I know that it’s only Allah who can guide someone and HE (swt) is the only source. I am very concerned about her, marriage is not my priority even if she denies marrying me after accepting Islam, I will accept it.

Am I committing sin by chatting with a Christian guy who wants to become Muslim and marry me?

Anyway, 2 months ago, on the internet, I met a guy who is not Muslim. Probably, I wouldn’t be talking to him if he didn’t tell me that he respects Islam even more than his religion (Christianity). Therefore; following the obligation of us Muslims, I have tried to present him Islam the best I can.