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Friends with benefits -addictions help

I am absolutely heartbroken. I wanted him. I dream about him all the time. I can’t see myself with someone else. It’s not fair he can move on so easily.

I want to marry him, but he is avoiding me.

I don’t know what to do – to wait for him or to let him go?

In love with a fellow and engaged to my Cousin

Upon knowing that he is Shia they engaged me to my cousin as I belong to Sunni family. I find myself unable to move on.

Advice on relationship and istikhara

I want some advice so that it can last forever as both of us are serious.

Abandoned by my love but she still calls me

I know she is serious for him and just playing with my feelings. I loved her for 8 years and she was the first love of my life.

Is there hope for a marriage?

I am realizing why God has forbidden unlawful relationships. And I am eaten by remorse.

Help, am I in a haram relationship?

I don’t want to make our relationship unblessed or more haram.

Pre marital relationship: wanting to refrain from it but unwilling to lose each other forever.

The girl wants him to promise her that he will come back for her in the future when he can. Is that permissible or is it haram?

Break up

I want to move on, I want to forget all his memories. Please help me.

I want to marry my loved one

I have been in love for the past 5 years. I informed my dad but he rejected it.