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Parents refusing marriage

Do I keep trying to convince my parents? Or give in and marry someone of their choosing knowing that I will always be wondering what if for the rest of my life and regretting it?

Loving Someone in a wrong time

I would like to share my story and be enlightened with advice…

Help me please please

We both are madly in love that we want to get married to each other only and no one else ever.

Finding Islam… can we still be together?

I have not reverted yet but everyday I ask Allah for forgiveness for my sins, but is it still permissible for us to marry even after being in a relationship?

My mother is going to force me into marriage

My mother said she does not want to go according to Islam and Quran and said that its her final decision that they will get me married to whom they wish to.

I miss him every single day

His face is haunting me every moment.

Muslim girl in love with a Muslim boy

Should I talk to him about it? If yes then in what ways? I want him to be on the righteous path.

Should I marry a man who my parents say or should I marry the man of my love?

I can’t forget him but I have a strong feeling that my dad won’t allow me to get married to him. He got converted for me, I can’t leave him.

My parents reject my choice, but I can’t live without him

Specially my mother is against it and every time she raises a new issue regarding the boy, either she says “he’s black”,”he’s not good looking”,”his family is bad”,and so on.

My parents won’t let me marry the man I love

His parents are ready for our marriage but my parents don’t agree. They abuse me by saying they will kill me if I marry the one I love. I’m very scared and upset.