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My “friends” pressured me into a haram relationship…will Allah forgive me?

Out of loneliness, I befriended the wrong crowd. They convinced me that a relationship before marriage is acceptable in “this day and age.” All I want is for Allah to forgive me.

Does Allah love me? Am I special to Him?

does allah love me or am i special to him? im trying my best to live. sometimes i take the knife to kill my self but then i be scared of feeling pain.

Love of Allah

I have a few questions and I need your suggestions.

I compare myself with extremely beautiful girls and feel bad.

Alhumdulillah, I have everything but the thing starts since I was too small but that time this problem was not too much big as I grew up, I saw a very, MashALLAH, beautiful girl and this question came in my mind that why ALLAH didn’t give everyone so beautiful features.