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My husband and I don’t love each other

I told my parents but they want nothing but the marriage, that I rather die than breaking the marriage.

I have been married for almost 10 years and can’t do it anymore, please help

I have never lived my life like I wanted to – always first listened to my parents then my husband and inlaws…

Marriage without love

I have done everything I could to make my marriage work… even after being mistreated mentally torturing and sometimes beaten.

Seeking advice for my confusion

I trusted my wife fully but when she is telling me still she is not accepting me as a husband… I hurt deeply….

I was married forcefully – I really need help it’s urgent

I am not satisfied with my nikah. I tried a lot to love him but just his attitude his anger make me more far from him.

Marriage Issues in Pregnancy

All I am worried about is my baby. How can I take the full custody and guardianship of my baby?

Loveless Marriage

My husband has been uninterested in me from the start of our marriage and has never taken any interest in spending time with me.

I can’t love my husband

I’m married to my cousin… I want divorce but my family is not supportive. I see no way out…

I want to divorce my husband

As soon as he came the 2nd day I just knew I was going to have problems with him…

I married the wrong man. What should I do?

Our lives are already over because we made a mistake…