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Loveless Marriage

My husband has been uninterested in me from the start of our marriage and has never taken any interest in spending time with me.

Do I divorce him or not?

I don’t have choice than to work abroad. Being away from him, I feel like I’m free. I wanted to divorce him but at the same time I don’t want to hurt him and my kids.

Two years on from a forced marriage

I am not attracted to him at all and no matter how hard I try I just can’t force feelings and emotions….

Stuck in a loveless marriage, not had relations for four years

My husband and I have been married 9 years and have 2 kids. We have not had intercourse in 4 years as he has developed a physical condition but he refuses to see a doctor or get help…

I feel lonely in this marriage, what should I do?

S.A. I was very happy when I came across this website, inshallah with Allah’s help, I am hoping to get some advices or guidance inshallah.

I have been married to my husband for over 11 yrs., and we have 3 lovely children mash Allah. Since the beginning my husband was a bit away from me, I never felt very close

Should I stay married to a man I have lost all respect for?

I was married almost 2 years ago and now a mother of one. At the time of marriage my husband and in-laws spoke many lies about his education and work.
Later when I found out about the truth after marriage, it completely shattered me, as I am more educated than him.

Emotional Neglect Leads me to a Male Friend

I am married to my husband since 6 years against my family’s will. I have got three kids two boys and one girl. My husband gives me emotional torture, maximum 6 months in a year he does not talk to me and most of the time if he sees my face he gets angry.

Abusive husband wants to move me away from my support network

When we moved he began to insult me and my family. He began to disrespect me and put me down. He used to verbally abuse me. As it was a new place I had no one to confide in and I kept the comments about me to myself. He would say to me ‘you should listen to me even if I am wrong. If I say to you to jump off the building you should say yes’.