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I can’t leave him, neither can I forget him.

I am lovesick, involved in deep trouble and living in an unstable situation which is deeply affecting my health and studies.

Can’t forget the friend I fell in love with


Basically I got to know this guy as a friend and then I started to get feelings for him and eventually I fell in love with him. When I told him I loved him he backed off.

Homosexual love is torturing me to suicide

Salam and peace be upon you from the almighty allah

Hello I’m a 17year old boy who has only two days of finishing year 12. 3-4 times a day pray, I read the Quran and always ask for Allah’s forgiveness. I had always wanted to have kids and marry a girl and live happily. But 4 years ago my family moved from to another city and I started a new school in grade 9. I met a boy, who is a good Muslim and we became good friends. I only see this boy at school. But in that year I started to fall in love with him, of which I felt ashamed.