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Molested as a child and now I get urges

When i was kid i was kinda forced into sex by some other mates who were girls and before this thing i was kinda forced by a guy who was abnormal.

Sexually transmitted disease has shattered my faith in Allah

I am a revert to Islam. I have been married ten years to someone who was born and raised Muslim. After the second year of our marriage I discovered I had an STD (Hsv, type2). I am angry with Allah for letting this happen to me.

Please help me to get rid of this addiction

My problem starts when I am at 17,many of my friends were talking about sex and masturbating at that time and i just tried it once , my problems starts from there.Slowly I got addicted to it. I offered namaz everyday before…

I am lost, if sins are forgiven I want to die, I want peace.

Already I had lost hope, been through to severe depression, seen failures, very sensitive, scare of dying not Allah. I ´m very simple, shy, people take advantage of my simpilicity. I don´t know my purpose of living. Worship I don´t know. God don´t help me the I begged, prayed…