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My husband is committing zina with the same woman before and after our marriage

After 1 year and 5 months of being engaged, we finally got married February 2016. Everything went well at first. However, I am slowly learning that there are things that was wrong. I was never introduced to his family.

Lying, drug-using husband wants me to move to Iraq

i have been married to my husband for 6 years and it has been an awful marriage. He was a failed asylum seeker from Iraq.

Need help to stop husband’s repeated infidelity

My parents opinion is to stay silently – at least the child will get father’s name. But I am not able to live with this person.

Hard time dealing with Married Life

I did istikhara before deciding to tie a knot. And I initially consider everything will of Allah. It is getting worse now.

My secret husband is a drug addict

He quit flirting and drugs when we got in relationship and promised never to do it again. I am observing signs everyday that he’s lying and hiding stuff.

Cheating and lying husband, help needed

He used to hit me a lot and abuse me… Things got better but after the death of his first wife, he’s become the same. I’ve contacted some Maulanas and they’ve all told me he’s having an affair outside.

Remarried and unhappy

This marriage is worse than the marriage I had with my ex husband. Sometimes I really regret the fact that I got divorced from the father of my children who is married now to another woman and will soon become father.

Husband’s lies are mental abuse

He lied about his previous wives and children. I am so upset and mad. I don’t know how to stop thinking about it.

I love my husband’s brother

I know it is not haraam (sin) to marry my husband’s brother, after my iddah(waiting period) is complete, but is this a trashy custom?

Do not trust my husband for his years of lies; don’t know what to do?

I don’t love him any more. I don’t trust him any more but I am trying to be a good wife by cooking and satisfying him on bed. I feel I don’t deserve some one evil and liar like him but after all he is my husband. I hope some one can relate to my story and help me do the right thing. Should I seek a divorce ( my parent are against this) or should stay in this marriage with no hope of ever being happy? Forgiving him is very hard.