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Umrah or Hajj without a Mahram.


I would like to know if I can do Umrah or Hajj without the presence of a Mahram.

Can anybody tell me?

He was breastfed by her stepmother, is their marriage haram?

A friend of mine is married to someone who was breastfed by her step mother. It’s all most been 40 yrs since they’ve been married, they have kids and grand kids.

Do I have to Wear Hijab at home?

My husband feels it is a higher/advanced level of adab to also wear a headcovering (eg, scarf) at home. As he has taqwa, he feels doing so is more modest and brings greater blessings into the home through one’s modesty. He suggests (never enforces, alhamduillah for his good character) that I should wear headcovering even in seclusion with no visitors or non-mahrams. I have no objections to doing this if evidence or proof of this is presented as I wish to obey my husband.

I hugged my cousin, is it a sin?

I hugged my cousin (aunt’s daughter) but not of any wrong intention. Is it a sin?