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Praying for the person whom I used to love

I loved a girl very much and tried to marry her. She was a very good girl but I could not marry her.

When to stop making dua?

I have been making the same dua for months now with no progress…

How to convince Allah to accept my duas for marriage?

I have liked this girl since 8 years now. She is a good friend of mine and I have told her as well but she does not feel the same about me. However, I can’t seem to move on.

Performing Umrah and Dua

I want to take the opportunity of course during this blessed journey and throughout the experience to make as much Dua’ as possible.

Dua from Surah 25

I was wondering if a female can make this dua as well?

Why Allah is not listening to me about this boy?

I don’t want to make any sin and that’s why I want to get married but he says he is my friend. Can I propose to him for marriage, or should I leave him?