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No friends, feeling alone/sad.

I just started college… everyone seems to have found friends except me.

Feeling lonely and stressed

I am stuck.. I don’t know how long this will last for.. will I ever find my best friend or will I be lonely in this huge univeristy?

I don’t have friends, just came to USA

I’m a muslim girl. I just came to the USA, and I have a big proplem. I don’t have friends. I don’t know anything here. Please, if  anyone wants to be friends, let me know. Also, I can’t speak english very well, so if there are arabic friends…or it’s ok if you speak english, then I’ll learn from you how to speak […]

I feel like a silly loner – I don’t have any friends

At times I get this feeling maybe Allah thinks I don’t deserve any friends or maybe He’s angry at me and wants me to be alone…