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Is it OK to share a car home with a male?

have been living a normal life as many so called Muslims are doing now. But from some months I have changed a lot. I have started wearing hijab, stopped doing things what I am not supposed to do as a Muslim. But I had a boyfriend, I love him so much

Emotional Neglect Leads me to a Male Friend

I am married to my husband since 6 years against my family’s will. I have got three kids two boys and one girl. My husband gives me emotional torture, maximum 6 months in a year he does not talk to me and most of the time if he sees my face he gets angry.

Islam and transgender

I am 29 years old male and straight by orientation. I feel that I am a female trapped in a male body. I guess i am transgender. I am in a conflict since my feelings, and perceptions are feminine. I am a confused a lot.