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I was forced to marry my cousin, who’s been absent since!

My husband has been away for as long as I’ve been married to him, and this marriage wasn’t even my idea. I feel stuck.

Help – my husband has used me!

His and his parents’ intentions were to use me and to benefit from my American status. They want to use me for their selfish fantasies to live in America.

Stressed and depressed

I just don’t get how he did this and why would he assure me and do so much for me all the time and even meet my family when there on the back he was with that other girl the same way he was with me.

I have feelings for a sociopath

It’s came to my attention that I have fallen for a sociopath, who abuses me. I can’t even get to know this new brother properly as I have the first weirdo on my mind.

Can I repent for this? Can I marry another person in the future?

I realized that we committed sins and asked him to marry me as soon as possible. He refused & told me “I was testing you that how much pure you are”. Now he says it was one sided love. and that his parents set a girl for him to marry.

How do I forgive him for what he did?

All he wanted was kissing and forcing me for sex. He doesn’t feel bad for hurting and making me cry and disrespect me.

False promise of marriage – turning to Allah for revenge

Now I turned to Allah for revenge on this man. I offered namaz and gave this man lots of bad-dua. I cursed him. I begged Allah to punish him. This is the first time I have cursed someone.

Blackmailed for something I did when I was 15

When I was 15 I shared some photos with a man who manipulated me emotionally. Now I’m 21 and married and that man is blackmailing me with those photos.