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How do I file divorce?

We went on separate paths 10 years ago. He converted to Islam in 2006, and I have recently decided to embrace Islam.

Stubborn wife heading towards divorce.

I tried time and again to sit with her and politely to make her understand that how her behavior is affecting us as a family. And it is absolutely fine if he has a different opinion on things or likes and dislikes but she has no right to snap at me and she needs to learn to be a good wife by attending to the needs of her husband and by being kind to his family.

Is divorce a solution for a loveless marriage?

In the past I would cry, send him links to Islamic talks on marriage, suggest counselling and have even threatened to leave him.. he would change for a few days and go back to his old ways. Now I don’t see any point in all of that. It’s no use trying to make someone love or value you. He is not violent or verbally abusive — just dismissive and he is a good, loving father to his children.

I think I might be married to two men

My heart cant rest every day I ask myself if that niikah with my ex-BF was valid and if so is my new nikkah with my husband valid? I don’t know what to do please make that clear for me.

Why does a Muslim husband treat a woman this way?

i sometimes hate him for coming into my life and turning it upside down, he pulled me into his love web and showed his true colors, if I’m ill he has no empathy and my daughters look after me and hate him for what he has to done to my little family.

Can’t get married without Wali (father) whom I never known/met.

But, now as per sharia court in Dubai they are asking for my wali without which they have told me they can’t allow me marry in their court, i really dont understand from where & how can i get my real father as we have never been in contact since the time he left me.

How to divorce in a marriage with no physical relationship?

Her Parents are forcing me to give her divorce saying that we don’t have any physical relationship and we can get married again after a year. Is there any possibility of reuniting or if i do so what are legal obligations in it. Can they sue me for Haq maher?

Am I wrong to feel satisfied with whomever I am marrying?

I need to know if I am wrong, and I just do what my family wants for me to do and make them happy. If worrying about all that is wrong? Is all my points are wrong? It’s very simple and easy to advise when others are standing outside your box.

Islamic ruling on talking to non-Muslim ex

I am finding this hard to understand that he is even considering it as i am sure there are specific Islamic rulings on such things but if possible can anyone advise me as i do fear that if he continues to go along and play her games then it will cause Fitnah in my marriage.

I rushed to get married; now I realize that we have nothing in common except deen

I’m too old to find someone new, I’m too much of an introvert to find someone new, I won’t find anyone who likes me like he does, divorce is disliked in Islam. Meanwhile I just can’t see myself married to him in the future, I don’t understand what we’re going to have in common in the future when we don’t have anything now. I feel like a hurried into the marriage and that I now regret it.