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Divorce from OCD suffering ex-husband has left me severly depressed

I recently got divorced and feeling really depresssed all the time,cant concentrate in anything…Is divorce written in one’s fate or is just because of ur own faults…i dont know. My Ex husband had OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder).was afraid of getting contaminated by germs,he was afraid of madcow disease

One new year after my divorce, I am still a wreck and depressed

After the divorce, I am in so much pain. My family is so far way. The shame of divorce eats me up. Now, when I hear he might get back with the lady who cheated on him, even though I am not his wife anymore, I feel betrayal, hurt and endless pain.

Legally married but in love with another man who I want to marry but parents are refusing

I lost interest in him and at the same time met another guy (which I know was very very wrong) but it just happened. I loved him so much an he did love me too and we are still in love (which I know is wrong) but I just can’t stop it.

Do not trust my husband for his years of lies; don’t know what to do?

I don’t love him any more. I don’t trust him any more but I am trying to be a good wife by cooking and satisfying him on bed. I feel I don’t deserve some one evil and liar like him but after all he is my husband. I hope some one can relate to my story and help me do the right thing. Should I seek a divorce ( my parent are against this) or should stay in this marriage with no hope of ever being happy? Forgiving him is very hard.

Can I marry another woman Islamically while going through civil court divorce?

I have given talaaq to my wife, her 3 month iddat is complete, and we are still going through our civil court divorce. Can i marry another woman islamically while the civil court divorce is still going through?

I want my husband back; please help me

sir i want him back plz help me in this regard, my family knows everything and don’t know abt his parents. i use to cry a lot during namaz for him and ask forgiveness for my sins. i dont want to lose him i am deeply involved in him.

Am I divorced or still married?

When his wife found out about me, she told him to divorce me, he sent a letter stating he is divorcing me but later on said his intention wasn’t in it and he only did what his first wife asked of him so he wouldn’t lose his children.

Divorce and family relationship; will they ever forgive, accept me and not be disappointed/ashamed of me?

Is there any hope for me at all? Or is everything doomed? What about my parents. Will they ever forgive me, will they ever accept me and not be disappointed or shamed of me? My mum wants to move, on account of she doesn’t want anyone talking behind her and saying words about her divorced daughter.

Should I get divorced or stay in this marriage, really confused?

But these accusations by my brother that I have no self-respect and that I deserve more than a man like my husband have really touched me. My eldest sister still thinks that by divorcing my hubby I am the only one losing as I am losing all my husband to his other wife. I really do not know what to do.

I want to divorce to be a second wife to this other man but my husband has refused. Please help

I confess my guilt before my husband and asked him to divorce me so that i get married with that person as he is intrusted in marriage but my husband is not giving me divorce. Plz help me out n give me suggestion that what can i do?