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I never liked him but was forced to marry him; is it OK if I divorce him?

Please help me; is it OK if I divorce and leave him. I can’t live with him under any circumstances otherwise I will die. Please answer me in detail as it is very important issue in my life.

I want to marry him but his parents don’t agree because I am convert with a child

I even beg him to persuade his parents again and he said he cannot. Knowing the fact that I did everything just to persuade my parents how come he cannot do?

My husband cheats and abuses me, I am depressed and confused. What are my options?

My family used to help me and told me many times not to go back to him as he is influenced by his parents who tell him being nice to ur wife means you are under her thumb. I kept going back to him they no longer help me, I don’t want to leave him but what other option do I have? I am very depressed and need help.

My mother is almost having an affair, please help.

PLEASE help me please I don’t know what to do, I’ve talked to her, begged and cried, I’ve asked him to leave my mother alone, but she just mailed him right back saying she misses him and blah blah (ew), and then changed her password.

Cheated, Betrayed and hurt; what are my options?

I am scared to death to go to the doctors for this may not have been the only woman. I don’t know what I want to do? I wanted to know what are the laws for asking him to leave the home until I can bring myself to know if in-fact I want this marriage? At this point I am so bitter and crushed, I have asked Allah to remove this from my heart,, tears!

Numerous trials, I have been praying for death and feel suicidal.

My life is a total disaster. I have been praying ALLAH for a reconciliation with my ex-husband because I still love him, without success. Now, I am praying for death, and someone to take care of my baby. I am so tired of all these difficulties after all my trials and hardwork.

I want to re-unite with my husband for my daughter’s sake.

My question to you is if you can tell me any dua or wazeefa which I can read to have him back with both the family approval and he comes and live with me forever” on Allah’s (SWT) will. I am very much stressed at the moment; don’t know what to do kindly help me with the matter and reply me please.

He wants to take our daughter from me and I don’t know what to do?

Now he is not asking about his daughter at all, doesn’t want to see her, just keeps repeating that I have to come back with her or he doesn’t want to see her again and he will pray for revenge because I took his daughter away from him. I am praying every day for forgiveness and now I don’t know how to get out from this situation as I want to do the right thing inshaAllah.

Is this marriage valid?

My Q is? If I convince my family and get married as she said, is such Nikkah valid as my intention is not good. Does halal marriage fulfilled only using witness and wali? I hope you understand my question but she is pushing me so hard. I don’t know what is her benefit? and to be honest with you, she knows I am not happy and will leave her some day.

Someone has to wreck my life up. WHY?

All my family are calling him up and telling him that your wife was like this, she’s wrong; bad things about me. I am very worried that he might divorce me; which I don’t want. It’s too shameful for me; plus I do love him but I don’t know what he feels about me. HELP!