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He promised to marry me but now he is marrying a girl of his family’s choice.

I want to marry him please help me. Now when ever we talk he hurts me. He doesn’t attend my call; he talks happily with everyone but don’t want to talk to me. I am getting weak. Please tell me what to do? Since we work at same place so its becoming more and more difficult. Tell me what to do so that he marry me?

I have been taken advantage off over and over again; now I have lost trust. Are their any honest men left out there?

Honestly, I do not know who to turn to since I am lost of words. I want to be happy again to overcome the hurt and pain I have been thru in my life. I wanted to know why these men did this to me ? Honestly, I am very attactive woman and look years younger than I really am. I have so much kindness , love , and trust in me. Could this be why?