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I saw examples from the Quran as a result of my Istikhara

I did Istikhara and saw some signs…one an example from the Quran and one a vision of a person asking me to read a Surah. What does this mean?

We separated but I realized my mistake and want her back but her parents doesn’t agree

However, now, we both want to be together, and we KNOW we can be happy. She is ready to come to me, unfortunately, convincing family is not an option for us as i had tried everything. She is ready to come, but her only concern is that she doesn’t want to do it without telling her mother. She knows her mother will be unhappy at first but eventually her mother will be happy once she sees us happy.

My mother says to keep little contact with a friend who has separated from her husband?

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, why is my mum insulting my friend even though she is Masha’Allah handling her situation much better than my mum handled her own all those years ago? Yes, I know my mother is worried about me but she never gives me any credit, Alhamdulillah I have always managed to stay away from guys romantically even though I studied with them at school, college and university while all my friends were dating and I wasn’t Alhamdulillah!