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Can we do a nikah on Skype then another one in person?

Can we do a nikah on Skype for legal reasons, then another one in person?

Marrying same girl twice

I suggested that we conduct the wedding in both places… They are doubtful whether it is permissible in Islam.

A scary wedding dream; Dua to marry a married man.

Basically, she dreamt that it was her wedding day, (she is unmarried) and was dressed in a red lengha (Asian dress). The dress was unusual as it was plain and not embroidered which is how wedding dresses normally are.

Is it haram to slow dance in front of people at my wedding?

Dancing and music is haram, but we all do it. Why should slow dancing at my wedding day be forbidden? Even if its only in front of other women? The only man present would be the groom.

Is the Islamic marriage ceremony necessary?

If one is getting married, for instance a muslim to a non-muslim with a civil ceremony, is it neccessary to have an islamic ceremony as well?