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How can I legalize my secret marriage?

I am a hanaf’i guy and I married a hanafi girl. The marriage took place without the knowledge of the walis of both parties.

Recently converted to Islam, separated from my Christian husband for 5 years.

I recently converted to Islam, and my problem is whether my marriage to my Christian husband is still valid. We filed for a legal separation in 2008. I am from the Philippines, and for a marriage to be considered null and void is only through annulment.

Some questions about the Islamic rules of divorce and remarriage

My fiance told me I am able to marry Islamically even if I don’t have an official divorce because my previous marriage was not through Islam. I do not believe this to be correct so I did study and the only information I was able to find so far was about a woman’s waiting period after her divorce. My time away from my husband has been much longer than the required waiting time, but I think because it was a LEGAL marriage, I still need to obtain a LEGAL divorce before I am married again through Islam, is this correct or was he correct?