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Istikhara dream for love life

I saw three dreams. One about a gift, one in which my crush winked at me, and one where my uncle came to visit. What do they mean?

Marriage Istikhara

I saw good things… my mother saw some good and bad things… another member in my family saw some good and some bad things – what should I do?

Two dreams after istikhara

I have performed istikhara for a marriage proposal.

Istikhara Answer – Confusing Dreams

I have been in a fix for a few years about a marriage proposal – due to family pressure I have to consider it. I have performed Istikhara four times, and saw different dreams…

Who should do the Istikhara for marriage?


I’m a 20 yr old muslim girl. A guy asked for my proposal and spoke to my mom about this. His aunt spoke to my mother and discussed things. Later on the guys aunt and grand mother did istikhara and saw bad dreams whereas me and my mother saw good.

Family politics are confusing my marriage decision

I have a problem that’s been a problem for a while. Ok so there’s a guy that’s asking for my hand in marriage. I prayed salat al istakharah a lot and I had a dream that I said yes to him and I was so happy and his face looked like it was lighting. I always have a strong feeling that I should say yes. They also say that one of the signs that Allah gives you to show you the right way is people around you either want or don’t want two people to join into marriage.

Istikhara for my brother’s marriage

My brother’s name is Abid Hassan Khan, originally from Pakistan, currently living and working in New Jersey. We’ve been looking for a nice girl for him since 2 year, but there is no development yet. We wanted someone to do Istikhara for us.

Marrying a girl from a different caste?

Dear sir I want to get married with the said girl, but my mother & all of my family members are against this marriage because we are from different castes. The only reason for the disagreement is the caste problem, there is no other reason.

I don’t want to break her heart, in this situation please help me, what I do.