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I don’t want to be with my husband

We do not hug or kiss it has been 4 months since we married and we have not consumated our marriage.

Marriage problem

I am not happy with my husband and my inlaws were never kind with me.

Husband with gaming addiction – I’m completely alone

Since he doesn’t beat me, or doesn’t go out clubbing maybe I should just excuse his behaviour? But the loneliness makes my heart ache so bad.

My deaf husband is very abusive I now have developed a mental problem.

I am a young Muslim educated woman my parents arrange marry me with deaf,mute and uneducated man. my grand dad said do not do her marry to this man give him deaf daughter but they did not Liston to him…

I cheated and cannot repair my marriage – seeking advice not judgement

Please don’t hate me for what I will say, as I already hate myself for it and only need some advice. I am married to Muslim from North Africa for almost 8 years He proposed only after 6 months we were together…

How to decide if its time to divorce?

I am currently married with 2 children and my wife is pregnant with a 3rd.
We have been married for 7 years now but there have been problems from day one..

My past is affecting my future and is making husband over protective

Asalaam, I was sexually abused by my father from the age of 8-17yrs. By 18 I had enough strength to put an end to all the form of abuse. I was in contact with my neighbour who was a childhood friend. We grew really close, just over the phone may I add, as I was never allowed out. I confided in him before my family knew.

My husband makes me feel like I’m not good enough

My problem might not be as big as others, but it is disturbing me. My sisters friend hooked her brother and I together. We didn’t know each other we just use to chat on online every now and then. After a year we ended up married. We just made 6 months, and I’m not that satisfied.

I’ve tried so hard at this marriage, but just dont love him.

I have been married for 9months now, it was an arranged marriage. i was under the impression that if he’s a good man, and a good muslim, its only natural that i would come to love him..