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A housewife or working woman?

Since we got married I have been taking care of all expenses… Now he says I am not a proper Muslim woman.


Should I divorce her?

She has now left me and is asking for Divorce…

Respecting wife’s family

My husband does not respect my family.

Black thread with 5 knots

I saw in my wife’s car a black thread with 5 knots hanging by centre mirror… Is she doing or involved in black magic?

My husband says this is a forced marriage

My husband don’t agree on making babies… He say he will marry again with his choice women but won’t divorce me.

Confused about my marriage.

Should I forgive her? Should I sacrifice for the sake of our kids?

Healthy marriage or not?

Every since we got married I’ve felt my husband has been very immature and disrespectful.

My partner left the house

I told them I’m trying my best to give her what she needs I don’t have more then what Allah gives me and they said I hit her and all this stuff which is not true.

Verbal abuse and bad behaviour of wife towards husband and his family

It’s very humiliating for my family and they have asked me to leave this relationship but she does not want leave.

Frustrated and worried

My husband is not sexually well… he smokes sheesha… he sits all day home and fights on the silly things.