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Please help me understand whether the person we will marry is chosen by Allah or is it a part of our free will?


Dream About Proposal in Marriage

Please I need dream interpretation.

Should i go ahead with this proposal?

I don’t know… marriage is meant to be simple but this feels so complicated.

Taking back an oath

In the heat of anger I said it but after thinking I realised how serious it is to swear by Allah.

My marriage proposal is making me feel confused!!!!!

He used to believe in a deviant sect… I am worried about him becoming this again after marriage.

Marriage proposal

Overall the guy is great with a good personality however he has bad habits which I was not given any information about.

Rejected proposal after istikhara, but now feel extreme regret.

Why is my heart not at ease despite making istikhara? How do I know that I have not accidentally turned down my soulmate?

Istakhara dream interpretation

Here were some of the things that I saw during my 7 days of istakhara…

Should i marry this muslim man with gender dysphoria? Islamic view point?

Will I be completing his Deen or doing a good deed helping him fight shaytaan? Should I involve parents? Should I end this?

Marriage Istikhara

I saw good things… my mother saw some good and bad things… another member in my family saw some good and some bad things – what should I do?