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He won’t ask his parents and my parents won’t wait for me to get married

My parents have given me a warning that by the end of this year they will get me hooked with any proposal they get.

Lost for Love

What advice would you give to a sister who is somewhat desperate to have a better half in marriage but keeps getting the pain of rejection?

Marriage proposals… what to do?

May Allah save me from the haram.

I have to decide between two proposals…

I don’t rely on my own decision making because I have made some not-so-great decisions in the past.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’m a little upset but don’t know if I have the right to be.

Why do my proposals never work, why is Allah doing this to me?

One man did very bad thing with me. I gave 8 years of my life he forced me to do something wrong with him & i really tried to convence him it’s haraam & I am muslim girl, I’ll not do. After that he spits on my face, that incident happened 1 year ago but I am in pain. Anytime that incident come infront of my eyes, I cry why this happened with me

I have been surrounded by problems

My name is Naheed Akhter, I am 27 years old and my date of birth is **/**/****. I am very much depressed. I am not able to do anything in life, neither education, nor marriage; and infact no proposal comes for me. Nobody even comes to my home. Can you please tell me why all this is happening?

Is it alright to consider two marriage proposals at the same time?

I received a proposal and we’re trying to convince my grandfather. Meanwhile my parents got another proposal for me from a different family. My parents’ opinion is whatever comes through first, they will go with that.