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I am struck with marriage problems in my life

I was thinking that after 3.5 years of hell maybe I will get good life without any problems.. But again I am facing the same problems…

Should the name be changed?

Does he has to change his name in papers or Md. Akshay Kumar will be OK? We are gonna be married very soon. That’s why I am confused about the name that he should use in paper works.

He is willing to convert for me but not to pray

Salam, I really need some advice in this matter. I have been seeing a non-muslim man for a few weeks. Firstly we were just friends now things have developed whereby we want to be together. I am an Arab muslim and I have been married twice before to arab men and things didn’t work out. I also have 3 children. My man says he is willing to convert to Islam to be with me, but would have a hard time praying.